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Dorothy Ingram

Mr. Stern’s slogan “working for you” is real! I highly recommend Keith for his representation to me and the way he and his staff handled my matter. I could not have done it without them!

Benjamin Von Seeger

Professional, fast and efficient , highly recommended!!

Miss. Phenomenal

Hazel & Keith has been nothing but great to me, I am happy I hired this firm to resolve my legal issues . They are very professional, patient & get you the best results… Thank You!!

Janice Young

Keith is an amazing Attorney. He have taught me a lot about my case. He has a lot of patience and explain everything very clear. He will be a excellent attorney to represent you. He is a very honest and helpful attorney. He is what everyone is looking for to handle their case. Thanks so much for your help and God be with you and the staff that worked with you.

Victor Brown

Keith really helped me in my time of need. He was very courteous and helpful in explaining the entire process to me. I’m more than satisfied with his services. I would highly recommend Keith to friends, family members, & colleagues.

Neil Schultz

Keith is an extremely smart, knowledgeable, and professional attorney. He helped me tremendously in a recent employment matter. He is very accessible by phone and email. He produces results in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend Keith for any employment matter you may have.

Brian Burns

Keith Stern and his team will go the extra mile, and never give up, to make sure his clients receive the respect and compensation that they have earned from parties that may not always be willing to offer a fair settlement. He is the best labor attorney in Florida, period!

Jeisson Vasquez

Keith and the staff made a long process seem very quick, simple and effortless on my behalf. Thank you for all your hard work!

Andrea Grant

My Boyfriend worked overtime for 3 years for a company without being paid Overtime pay. He hired Mr. Stern and Mrs. Solis to work on his case. They worked fast to get a resolution on his case. They were constantly keeping us updated with everything that was going on. They explained thoroughly, and was upfront about everything. We highly recommend using them.

Neil Perkins

Mr. Stern and mrs. Solis worked diligently to resolve my case. My belief was that these cases take a very long time, even years to settle they did it in a very timely manner. I was rather impressed. They informed me of what to expect and what not to expect so that there were no surprises along the way everything that happened I was informed prior to. They took a nerve-wracking situation and made it very comfortable to deal with. If I had to do it again I would choose the same firm. Thank you

Kharm St Hubert

I contacted other firms with my case, no one was comfortable to take it; even the most popular firm with TV commercials. Then I found Keith and Hazel; What an amazing team. They believed in me. They validated my experience. From the first interview with Hazel I felt that someone honestly cared about my case. She was so patient and understanding. Keith is a no nonsense type of guy. Very sharp attorney. I absolutely love my experience with them and would refer anyone to their firm. Thanks Keith and Hazel for giving me a voice when I truly thought I didn’t have one.

Bruno Ferro

Very professional, hard workers and great communication , you can count on them 100% they give you all the options and they are very honest. For sure I will recommend them. Thanks for all the hard work in this pass months. Bruno Ferro

Rhonda Ninkovich

Keith Stern and his team are AMAZING!!! They think about everything and NEVER stop working for you! Even nights, Sunday’s… whenever! They are in constant communication and I will say I’m a high level executive and this is the second time I’ve gone to Keith for help… and I won’t hesitate to again.

No matter how big or small, if you think you’ve been treated unfairly, call Keith… you will be pleasantly surprised!!!! He is straight forward and will tell you if you have a case or if you don’t. He once told me “I refuse to mess with people’s money”. Not many lawyers like him left!!!

Sean Freixa

Top notch firm. I highly recommend Keith Stern and the entire staff. They guided me step by step and represented me the entire way. I highly recommend this law office for any labor law disputes that you have with your employer. 5 stars in communication, results, and keeping you in the loop on your case! Highly recommended!

I Surf

I was facing a difficult legal challenge with my employer, and was fortunate to be represented by the Law Office of Keith M. Stern, P.A. I am most grateful for both Keith & Hazel client first proactive mentality, swiftly handling of my case. I was so fortunate and forever grateful. Your immeasurably hard work, integrity, and tenacity have successfully resolved my case expeditiously. Both Keith and Hazel have guided me through all of the challenges let alone provided excellent counsel through the months they worked with me. I would give the Law Office of Keith M. Stern first class recommendations for anyone needing an employment attorney. They are a straight shooter, who has a real understanding of how to navigate through difficult situations.They are a pleasure to work with while they works hard to get the best possible outcome for there many clients including myself. 1st in class employment attorney service and highly recommended!

Venis Charlot

Great lawyers. They helped me in my discrimination case. I am grateful to have found them because they understood my situation, and made me feel better knowing they were taking care of me. My family and I appreciate your work and efforts.

Jason Vida

I had a great experience with Keith Stern. His firm was always easy to get in contact with, consistently updated me about the status of my case but most importantly and what I appreciated most, he will FIGHT for you. If you have any issue with a former employer I highly recommend Keith Stern.

Tatiana Morillo

Well, what a phenomenal team Keith & Hazel! They made sure client first and foremost proactive mentality, swiftly handling of my case. I was so fortunate for them. Hazel has guided me through all of the challenges let alone provided excellent counsel through the months I went through. I would give the Law Office of Keith M. Stern high recommendations for anyone needing an employment attorney. They are a pleasure to work with while they work hard to get the what I deserved even with me being miles away for a family situation.

Damian Besil

All I can say is what an amazing team . I contacted Mr. Stern after looking for an attorney online to help me with a case against a former employer . They immediately got to work and I had a response in a very short time as to what my possibilities were . I really did not have to call them in order to know about my case . They kept me informed every step of the the way . They called me when they had an agreement and I accepted . That was it . Everything was resolved to my best interest and that was it , within a few months , we were done . At the end of my case I was missing a very important document from the defendant and I called Mr. Stern thinking I would have it in a couple of weeks , well within 15 minutes Mr. Stern replied with a tracking number for the document and I had it the very next morning . Hopefully I will never need them again but if I do I will call them right away . They had my back 100% . Thanks Mr. Stern and most importantly Ms. Solis for all your help . I’ll be forever indebted to you !

Abby Listo

Hazel & Keith were great to work with. Flexible with my schedule, but also assertive with timing on deliverables. They ended up exceeding exceptions in many ways!

Sarah Davies

Keith and Hazel have been fantastic. Very informative throughout the whole process. Answered all my questions and took time to make sure I understood. Hazel has been great in communicating everything along the way.

David contreras

Great service very friendly experience really happy how they handled my case .

Jorge Bosque

Excellent firm and the most dedicatec people to theirs client. No doubt they will keep collecting 5 stars revews from everybody.

Roderick Madison

My experience with this Law Firm was just outstanding and superb. The level of attention that Keith provided to me was off the chart. Keith took professionalism to another level. I would highly recommend this office to everyone that I know and this Law office deserve a ten stars rating if there was a way to mark it. Daily/weekly Communications by email voicemail or text message was the norm. Truly committed to working hard for each client.

Steven Turner

Keith is an extremely caring and diligent lawyer. During my case he spent time with me to make sure I understood the situation. Also Keith was great in laying out the best course of action. Finally he was a voice of reason. Because of Keith and his actions my outcome was very successful. I am grateful for his time and attention to my situation.

TOC The Thug Scholar Anthony Blackman

If your looking for a reliable hard working firm to handle your case. Look no further! Keith Stern and Hazel Solis were great. They handle everything and did it professionally. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Sandra Acevedo

When a person is down and desperate for answers; when one feels that no one is on our side; when you feel that you are truly alone and unfair situations are hitting you, there is one thing we need under such stress; …we need people to really listen, give good advice, support you, and make you feel like you are not crazy. I’m not one to give 5 stars to ANYONE or any service. I rarely do that. When I received the opportunity to send a review on behalf of Keith, Hazel and the firm…. well I didn’t have to think one single second. There are no words…. NO WORDS for the gratitude I have for them for taking care of me like they did. Many tears came from me, but their understanding and empathy to my situation truly sets them apart from so, so many! Please accept this review from my heart. I am so thankful and wish only but many blessings for the team. Anyone needing advice, I highly encourage you to seek Keith and Hazel. Thank you again and may many blessings and success continue to follow you. I know it will, because in your field?… it’s hard to find honesty.
You guys ROCK!

Ryan A

My experience with The law office of Keith stern was great i highly recommend using them they very professional an helpful

Rhonny Tufino

My experience with The Law Office of Keith Stern has been phenomenal. I would recommend Keith, and his team, to anyone looking to work with professional, fair, reliable and caring people to handle your case. They are persistent and always keep you updated. I never felt helpless or out of the loop. Most importantly, I can finally move on with my life now that my case has been solved. Thank you!

Ariana DOyen

Solis & Stern were wonderful to work with. Persistant, professional and prepared for our case. I highly recommend them.

Juliana Yepes

Incredibly professional, knowledgeable and very honest. Worked with many attorneys before and I can honestly say that Mr. Stern is an excellent attorney and will recommend him without hesitation.

darnella j

How does multiple experiences with attorneys I can say this Law Firm has been the most efficient fast and helpful group I’ve ever experienced with thank you so much Hazel and also the entire Law Firm We Appreciate You Keath I would definitely refer you guys and I recommend anybody that has any problem in your place of work to contact these guys

Jordan Case

My experience with this law firm was concise and simple. They explained everything to me and answered every question that I asked.

Javier Villalonga

Good morning. First of all I want to thank the firm for their help and professionalism with my recent employment case. Many workplaces injustices are often commited on, especially in restaurants. Thanks to the representation of attorney Heisel Solis and the Law Office Of Keith Stern P.A. Very gratefull for the help provided.

Frances Carey

Great attorneys.Hazel Solis was very helpful and amazing and on time.The whole experience was so much easier because of them.I’d highly recommend and would use them again.

Michael Kuster

My experience at Keith Stern law firm was fast and easy, also I want to add that the customer/ client service was greatly appreciated, thank you Ms. Hazel and Mr. Keith Stern, you did a great job

Craig Valentine

Mr stern took care of my case where everyone else turned it down not only did he take my case he and his staff did a great job

Nikki Mitchell

Freaking awesome! Will and is highly recommend and totally hardcore in my opinion.

Robert Hanreck

The go to employment lawyer.

Reynaldo Colas

I am very satisfied with the service obtained. I recommend it to anyone. I am very satisfied with the services obtained. I recommend them to everyone.

Romulo Rivas

I’m very grateful to this firm. From beginning to end, I was explained everything in detail and was kept informed throughout. They are very efficient and I am extremely happy with the results.

I am very grateful to the lawyers in the office. From the beginning to the end, they always explained everything to me in detail and kept me informed. They are very efficient and I am extremely happy with the results of my case.

Sonia Reyes

Oles I give 5 stars because they are excellent lawyers thanks to them my case was solved and I recommend it for all those who are looking for a lawyer.