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Common Violations

"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened."

- John F. Kennedy

Common Violations Attorney in Miami

Are Unpaid Overtime & Minimum Wage Violations Common?

Trusted Miami Overtime Attorney

Our labor and employment attorneys handle cases on behalf of workers in all fields, including, by way of example, the following types of positions that are often the most susceptible to wage violations:

  • Cooks, Cashiers, and Other Restaurant Workers
  • Commissioned & Inside Salespeople
  • Tipped Servers & Bartenders
  • Administrative & Billing Employees
  • Retail Store Employees
  • Assistant Managers
  • Call Center Employees
  • Nurses, CNAs, LPNs, and other Healthcare Workers
  • Construction Workers, Plumbers, and Tradesmen
  • Delivery Drivers & Transportation Workers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Bank Employees & Financial Services Personnel
  • Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Automobile Salespeople (who are not paid at least the minimum wage)
  • Collections Representatives
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Landscapers

If you were denied overtime compensation, you may be able to file an individual lawsuit, join an existing case, or bring a collective action on behalf of yourself and other similarly situated employees.

You may need advice and counseling from a labor and employment expert if you find yourself asking any of the following types of questions:

  • Have I been working over 40 hours per week without receiving time and one-half wages for all the actual overtime hours I work?
  • Am I being paid less than the minimum wage?
  • Has my employer deducted time for meal breaks that I don’t take?
  • Is my employer allowed to pay me a salary without additional compensation when I work more than 40 hours per week?
  • Am I eligible for overtime compensation even if my job gave me the job title of Assistant Manager?
  • Can I be required to work off-the-clock without my employer paying for my hours?
  • Is it legal for the restaurant I work at to have management keep part of my tips?
  • Does the law allow my employer to label me as an “Independent Contractor” to avoid paying employment taxes and overtime even though I truly work as an employee?
  • How does the law calculate overtime wage if I’m paid through commissions?
  • Am I being discriminated against because of my Race, Age (40+), Gender, National Origin, Religion, Disability, Medical Condition, or Military Service?
  • Was I terminated illegally after objecting to, or reporting, a policy or practice of my employer that I believed was in violation of the law?
  • Have I been subjected to sexual harassment?
  • Was I entitled to take time off from work for a family or health-related leave without fear of losing my job?
  • Does the law prohibit my employer from taking action against me because I discussed wages or working conditions with employees over Facebook or other social media?
  • Why was my Unemployment Claim denied?
  • Am I owed Severance Pay?
  • Was I supposed to receive a COBRA Notice within a certain period of time after my employment ended?
  • Can the Non-Compete Agreement my employer required me to sign legally prohibit me from working at another job after I was fired?

At the Law Office of Keith M. Stern, P.A., our Miami employment law attorneys fight for fair wages and equal treatment under the law because Your Work Is Our Business.